City of Athens Halloween Block Party Media Release

City of Athens

Halloween Block Party Media Release

October 27th, 2013

The City of Athens Block Party ended at approximately 2:25 AM.  Street crews began cleaning up the street after police officers cleared pedestrians at 2:25 AM.  The streets are expected to be open at approximately 5 AM.

The Athens Fire Department had no calls for service.  No major fire related events were reported.

Athens County Emergency Medical Services responded to 53 calls for service.

The Athens Police Department made 45 arrests.  The breakdown of arrests is as follows:

45 prisoners processed through mass booking for all assisting agencies

  • 13 OU Students
  • 13 students from other schools
  • 19 non-students

Total APD charges filed on jailed prisoners as well as cite and release arrests are as follows:

  • 11 Underage Intoxication
  • 14 Disorderly by Intoxication
  • 2 Resisting Arrest
  • 2 Obstruction of Justice
  • 1 Persistent Disorderly Conduct
  • 1 Public Urination
  • 1 Assault on a Horse
  • 3 Assault
  • 2 Underage Consumption
  • 4 Open Container

The Ohio Department of Public Safety Investigative Unit arrest figures were not available as of press time.  Figures will be made available at a later date.

The City of Athens Safety Team consisted of 14 volunteers and were on patrol from 8:30 PM to 1:30 AM.

The City of Athens would like to thank the Ohio University Police Department, Ohio University, State of Ohio Incident Management Team, Athens County Emergency Medical Services, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio Department of Public Safety Investigative Unit, the Ohio Division of State Fire Marshal and the many police agencies that assisted the city with the block party.

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Halloween Block Party 2 AM Update

City of Athens Public Works staff began taking down the barricade fence along Mill St. at 1:35 AM. The north stage (State St.) was shut down at approximately 1:15 AM.

Update emergency service statistics:

APD/OUPD: 40 arrests through booking
AFD: 0 runs
EMS: 44 calls for service

10 PM Block Party Update

As of 10 PM, the City of Athens reports the following statistics:

The Court St. area was closed down for the block party at 12:30 PM. Mill St. traffic is one way eastbound and that was implemented at approximately 10 AM. The pedestrian barricade fence was installed at 6:30 PM. Safety Teams began patrolling at 8:30 PM.

Emergency response statistics:

APD/OUPD arrests through booking: 7 arrests
AFD runs: 0 runs
EMS runs: 11 calls for service

Department of Public Safety arrest data will be available at a later time.