OU Community Assistants Halloween Safety Tips

Here are a few tips for staying safe this Halloween, from your Ohio University Community Assistants:

— If you’re hosting a house party, lock up your valuables. Close off parts of your house to guests and keep your party under control.

— Be aware of who is in your home at all times and ask unwanted guests to leave.

— Extinguish candles before you leave your house or apartment. Check your smoke detectors and keep lit decorations, such as jack-o-lanterns, away from the crowd.

— Have a first-aid kit ready.

— Do not have backyard fires; open fire pits are prohibited in Athens.

— Do not walk alone.

— Carry your ID.

— When walking outside of the party on Court Street, walk on sidewalks and not in the street.

— No open containers of alcohol are permitted on any public street or sidewalk, including Court Street.

— Remember, if you are under 21, your first conviction for underage consumption may result in a diversion program, which will cost you over $250 in fees and charges, and a second conviction can require jail time.

— Providing alcohol to minors could cost you $500-$1000, and possibly jail time.

— A “21+ only to drink” sign will not protect you from a violation.

— If you are of legal age and choose to drink, do not drink to the point of being drunk.

— Do not leave your drink unattended.

— Do not accept a drink from strangers.

— Don’t let your guests who are drunk drive.

— Signs of alcohol poisoning include difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, dehydration, bluish tint of the lips and fingernails, cold and clammy skin, and vomiting while asleep or passed out.

— Signs of drug overdose include severe headaches, cramps, feeling unusually hot or cold, confusion, trouble breathing, collapsing, and convulsions.

— Call 9-1-1 if someone is ill or injured and requires immediate assistance.

— Calling for MEA for yourself or a friend who is experiencing an alcohol or drug overdose may allow you or your friend to avoid judicial charges. You or your friend will still be expected to participate in an intervention and, if under 21, parental notification.


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