Weekly Athens Halloween Block Party Safety Tip, TIP #5


As the time for the annual Athens Halloween Block Party approaches we will be sending out a weekly safety tip for party goers to keep in mind.

Tip #5 – Thirteen Surefire Ways to Get Busted on Halloween in Athens

1.         Drinking or having an open container on a public sidewalk or street.

2.         Urinating in an alleyway or yard.

3.         Walking home alone after drinking uptown, or being drunk by yourself.

4.         Arguing with or running from the police, or refusing to move along if told to.

5.         Throwing anything, especially bottles or cans.

6.         Grabbing someone or pretending to be fighting or wrestling.

7.         Hiding the beer if you see the police enter.

8.         Remaining at the scene if there is an emergency or riot situation, like a couch fire.

9.         Handing money to someone outside the carryout (liquor control will follow you).

10.       Handing alcohol to someone else who didn’t buy it.

11.       Having a party and not checking who comes in and how old they are.

12.       Violating the Noise Ordinance (10:00 pm Sunday – Thursday, 12:00 am Friday & Saturday).

13.       “Ghost hunting”; ignoring “no trespassing” signs or going inside abandoned buildings like the old school building at the Ridges.


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